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‘Ripples Across Generations’
by empowering all sections of the vulnerable communities through a holistic and humanitarian approach.

About Ripples...

The Ripples of Change Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to work towards humanitarian and environmental causes.
We propose a unique worldview/outlook to real world problems by developing sustainable solutions for overall wellbeing of communities and nature. There are 5 focus areas developed based on the needs on the ground – Ecopowerment, Education, Environment, Health and Wellness, Life skills which are interrelated and help in achieving “A Just Society ”.
The sixth mile holds the Incubation Hub that helps us to nurture new ideas.

What We Do


“Empowering vulnerable communities to become self-reliant”

Economic Empowerment

Our ecopowerment program focuses on empowering vulnerable communities from rural areas by enabling them to participate, contribute and benefit from the growth process. Women and men in rural areas are vulnerable and lack financial access to produce, process and market their farm and non-farm products. The primary focus of the program is to support farmer producer organisations, women led self-help groups, artists and artisan communities, and other vulnerable groups to access finance to produce quality products, value add and market their products in the traditional and e-commerce platforms to earn maximum economic benefit.


“Inclusive and equitable quality education for all”


Our education programs focus on creating learning spaces to equip the communities with the knowledge and skills required to foster human values, enable holistic thinking, contribute to societal development and balance between materialistic and spiritual needs.
Quality education is still a distant dream for many children and communities in remote and rural areas of our country. The primary focus of the program is training, curriculum development, digital literacy, research, advocacy and infrastructure development. We work towards improving vocational skills, teaching-learning pedagogies, use of information and communication technologies, innovative learning modules and creating an enabling learning environment for both the children and the facilitator.


“Ecological sustainability and conservation for current and future generations”


Our environment program focuses on conserving existing natural resources, restoring degraded ecosystems and taking climate action thereby creating a better world for humans and other species.

India is highly vulnerable to Climate Change impacts that vary based on region and population exposed. Vulnerable communities are the first victims and casualties of climate change.

Health and Wellness

“Improved quality of life and wellbeing for all”

Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness program focuses on improved access to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to individuals and communities from all walks of life. We promote preventive approach to health care over curative. A lifecycle approach (Add infographic) is followed to provide health and wellness starting from preconception to old age care.

Life skills

“Building psychosocial competency for challenging life’s challenges”

Life Skills

Our Life Skills program focuses on improving social, cognitive, emotional and behavioral competencies of individuals to achieve professional and personal development. The program offers vocational skills along with life skills to ensure employability among youth to generate a livelihood. Thereby help individuals and communities achieve financial independence and economic growth. The training includes promoting healthy lifestyles, communication, assertiveness, self-awareness, decision making, critical and creative thinking to encourage making informed life choices.

Incubation hub

“Wherever there is a need we will be there”

Incubation Hub

“Wherever there is a need we will be there”, was the initial idea behind our incubation hub. We believe in holistic development since many human and environmental needs are deeply connected and interdependent. Our incubation hub gives us an opportunity to broaden our work to solve broader issues.
Any new idea is first nurtured as part of our incubation hub, piloted and then up scaled. Few of our earlier projects in the incubation hub, which is currently being successfully run include VTC, Divya Janani and Swayam Sikkim.

Activities and Recent Posts

Our Impact


Sustainable Development Goals

Our work focuses directly and addresses 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our Partners

Sharat Hegde

Nagesh Karuturi

Founder Director

A management professional with 24 years of experience in international leadership positions in India, Africa, South Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, graduated from India’s Symbiosis Institute of Business Management with an MBA in marketing. He has led teams of up to 6500 personnel and has executed top-notch processes for sales, operations, human resources, quality assurance, and auditing. He has led and carried out programs for vulnerable communities in India and Africa, focusing on education, economic empowerment, life skills, the environment, sanitation, healthcare, and nutrition. In 2011, the Lions Club International Foundation awarded him the Melvin Jones Fellowship for his humanitarian work, and in 2014, the Lions Club International President’s Certificate of Appreciation was given for his outstanding accomplishments in carrying out the organization’s mission.​