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Incubation Hub

“Wherever there is a need we will be there”

“Wherever there is a need we will be there”, was the initial idea behind our incubation hub. We believe in holistic development since many human and environmental needs are deeply connected and interdependent. Our incubation hub gives us an opportunity to broaden our work to solve broader issues.

Any new idea is first nurtured as part of our incubation hub, piloted and then up scaled. Few of our earlier projects in the incubation hub, which is currently being successfully run include VTC, Divya Janani and Swayam Sikkim.

Projects undertaken and ongoing

COVID 19 Response

At the onset of the Global Pandemic, ROCF decided to stand with our distressed fellow countrymen, and actively participate in the national effort to support them at this difficult time through various National level relief work. We were also actively engaged in several initiatives for COVID Relief in the second wave of the Pandemic in India.

Breathe Safe and My Mask My Safety 

ROCF with support from various other NGOs and corporates conducted various N95 mask campaigns during the pandemic to ensure that frontline workers were protected. ROCF tried to ensure that the supplies of masks in large quantities reached the unreached, thereby supporting the efforts of state machinery in its efforts to curb the pandemic.

Covid mask distribution

Two Shots Are Our Best Shots

covid vaccine

With the intent of enabling 100% COVID-19 Vaccination, ROCF with support from individual donors undertook a vaccination drive in Bangalore city of Karnataka state. It was intended to encourage unvaccinated individuals to get vaccinated- ‘By protecting yourself, you protect others’. 627 Individuals got vaccinated in the drive. VOICE THAT CARES – Psycho-Social Counselling & Information Guidance /Support

O2 Breathe Life  

Lakhs of Indians had lost the battle against Covid-19 due to shortage of oxygen during the second wave of the pandemic. Amid this gloom and anguish, ROCF chipped in and procured Oxygen Concentrators to hospitals and public institutions to augment their capacity to help vulnerable patients.

O2 Breath Life

Covid Care Makeshift Facilities 

ROCF in collaboration with Heartfulness Institute, has set up 2 COVID Care Facilities with 150 beds capacity in Tamil Nadu as per laid norms by health authorities and recommendations of NDMA as it became critical to set up alternative care units to treat mild and moderate COVID-19 infected Patients.

“Safe Surfaces” Campaign

ROCF through its “Safe Surfaces” campaign donated Disinfectant Ovens to Government hospitals and police stations with support of Sattva and log 9 materials. Disinfectant Ovens, a portable UV disinfection chamber designed to disinfect the surfaces of various products/objects of regular use, thus preventing surface-to-human transmission of Covid19 causing virus.

Project Smile 

Project Smile by HP Indigo was an initiative where high quality smiling pictures of corona warriors are printed and stuck on the protective suits so that the patient and others can recognize the person easily. This simple action helped to comfort both the patents and the frontline warriors. ROCF successfully piloted this project in Jayanagar General Hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Community Sensitisation on COVID-19 for General communities.

‘Voice That Cares’ Psycho-social Support

In order to provide psycho-social counselling & information support to people in distress for optimizing their mental and overall well-being, ROCF decided to join the hands of HFI and launch a Psychosocial First Aid Helpline to aid mental health among communities. Voice That Cares- a Free Helpline was launched on June 24, 2021 and continues to operate and provide help to those in distress.

Humanitarian Aid

  • Distribution of Food Packs and ration supplies to vulnerable communities and migrant populations
  • Procurement of essential supplies/rations for old age homes
  • Community Sensitisation was done virtually on the theme of Building Resilience and Self-transformation in times of COVID-19 for institutions and corporate professionals to address the psycho-emotional challenges of the pandemic like stress, uncertainty, anxiety while building resilience through relaxation and heart-based meditation techniques
Relief work
Sharat Hegde

Nagesh Karuturi

Founder Director

A management professional with 24 years of experience in international leadership positions in India, Africa, South Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, graduated from India’s Symbiosis Institute of Business Management with an MBA in marketing. He has led teams of up to 6500 personnel and has executed top-notch processes for sales, operations, human resources, quality assurance, and auditing. He has led and carried out programs for vulnerable communities in India and Africa, focusing on education, economic empowerment, life skills, the environment, sanitation, healthcare, and nutrition. In 2011, the Lions Club International Foundation awarded him the Melvin Jones Fellowship for his humanitarian work, and in 2014, the Lions Club International President’s Certificate of Appreciation was given for his outstanding accomplishments in carrying out the organization’s mission.​