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“Inclusive and equitable quality education for all”

Our education programs focus on creating learning spaces to equip the communities with the knowledge and skills required to foster human values, enable holistic thinking, contribute to societal development and balance between materialistic and spiritual needs.  

Quality education is still a distant dream for many children and communities in remote and rural areas of our country. The primary focus of the program is training, curriculum development, digital literacy, research, advocacy and infrastructure development.  We work towards improving vocational skills, teaching-learning pedagogies, use of information and communication technologies, innovative learning modules and creating an enabling learning environment for both the children and the facilitator.

We believe that Education is the key driver to eradicate poverty, achieve gender equality, foster economic growth and enhance personal and social development. Therefore, we propose inclusive and equitable quality education for all. 

In this process, we support communities by identifying needs and gaps, providing necessary skill building training.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our Education sector focuses on achieving targets in Sustainable Development Goal 4

Projects undertaken and ongoing

E Learning Programme

In the wake of covid, we partnered with Pratham and Learning with Vodafone initiative to provide training on e-learning platforms. This initiative has been a timely intervention to benefit the teachers and schools. Through the Gurushala platform we were able to build the capacities of teachers. The platform promoted the use of innovative teaching methods and pedagogy. Digital learning programs in Mathematics and Science for the students of grades 6 to 8 were launched.

Training for teachers

In 2019 – 20, ROCF reached 41 schools (5 schools from ASSEFA in Tamil Nadu and 36 schools in Karnataka) benefiting 4111 students & 85 teachers and in 2020-21, it benefitted 1360 children from 3 schools of ASSEFA.

In 2020 – 21, ROCF has collaborated with NextSkills 360 to train Government school teachers to teach students to code without computers.

Cognitive Skills Training

The primary objective of the project was to enhance cognitive skills and capacities among children. As part of the Cognitive Skills Training program we have engaged with Brighter Minds to conduct research in 3 Child Care Institutions to help formulate a 6-week program for the age group of 7 to 15-year-old children. 


Teachers as Ambassadors of Compassion

Quality education depends on the quality of the educators and educators are often the role models of our children. The goal of the project is to develop Teachers as Ambassadors of Compassion by providing necessary tools through capacity building workshops. We have conducted various workshops as part of the Inspire Teachers program on the topic of Compassion in Action and Role of Teachers in children’s lives.

Through our comprehensive training programs, we have empowered 1,265 teachers across 401 schools in 5 states—Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Telangana, and Gujarat. These initiatives have significantly enhanced the quality of education, fostering a positive learning environment for thousands of students

Study Techniques

The objective of the program is to equip the students and children with study techniques to maximize their learning process.

Some of the topics covered are

Spoken English Training

Spoken English Trainings are provided to students from rural areas and colleges who have a different learning medium. The project aims to improve student skills in conversant English, build confidence and equip them with necessary job skills.  

The project has been implemented in KVT Polytechnic College and rural youth covering 140 individuals in Chikkaballapur region with support from interns from Urban Bangalore.

Career Guidance

Career guidance workshops are conducted to high school students on how to set career goals and attain them. The Panchatantra approach is used to deliver the message. 

So far the workshops have been conducted in various government schools across Nagamangala, Anekal, Chikkaballapur and Bangalore benefitting 200 students.

Career Guuidance

Soft Skills

Soft Skill development

Soft skills training is provided to students to enhance their skills in addition to their academics to become successful learners. The students are also provided with techniques for stress management, exam preparation and compassion in action to overcome real world challenges. 

In collaboration with NIMHANS we have provided a Stress management workshop to 74 children and an Exam Preparation workshop to 63 students, 4 teachers from 2 Corporation Schools in Bangalore.

Gram Granthalaya

Social work awarness

The Gram Granthalaya project was initiated to set up community libraries in rural areas to ignite the minds of children, youth and adults. The project aims to provide access to library space in community settings to improve literacy, reading habits and lifelong learning process.

So far we have reached out to 1800 community members by setting up libraries in Karnataka.

Text Book Distribution

The Text Book Distribution project is initiated to encourage people to donate and distribute text books and essential school equipment for students from vulnerable communities.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility and Awareness project aims to provide humanitarian support to the vulnerable people. The project also aims to motivate young people to pursue social work careers by providing training and career guidance. 

Currently we have been motivating individuals to take up volunteer roles to provide scribing support to visually impaired students during their exams and preparatory phases. 

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Sharat Hegde

Nagesh Karuturi

Founder Director

A management professional with 24 years of experience in international leadership positions in India, Africa, South Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, graduated from India’s Symbiosis Institute of Business Management with an MBA in marketing. He has led teams of up to 6500 personnel and has executed top-notch processes for sales, operations, human resources, quality assurance, and auditing. He has led and carried out programs for vulnerable communities in India and Africa, focusing on education, economic empowerment, life skills, the environment, sanitation, healthcare, and nutrition. In 2011, the Lions Club International Foundation awarded him the Melvin Jones Fellowship for his humanitarian work, and in 2014, the Lions Club International President’s Certificate of Appreciation was given for his outstanding accomplishments in carrying out the organization’s mission.​