Chikka Timmasandra Lake Restoration, Karnataka

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The Chikka Timmasandra Lake Restoration project in Bangalore, Karnataka, is a transformative initiative aimed at revitalizing the lake’s ecological integrity and expanding its footprint. Situated in the villages of Chikka Thimmasandra and B. Hosahalli, this endeavor seeks to double the lake area from 6 to 12 acres, a strategic move to enhance water holding capacity and ensure the overall well-being of the lake ecosystem.
To achieve these objectives, the project meticulously conducted water and soil tests, obtaining necessary clearances from the irrigation department. The restoration effort included the execution of tasks such as lake deepening and the construction of robust bunds to prevent flooding while simultaneously recharging aquifers. By prioritizing ecological sustainability and community welfare, the Chikka Timmasandra Lake Restoration project not only safeguards the environment but also serves as a model for responsible environmental stewardship, illustrating the positive impact that thoughtful interventions can have on local ecosystems and the livelihoods of surrounding communities.

Sharat Hegde

Nagesh Karuturi

Founder Director

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