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Training Program on Herbal Pain Relief Oil Preparation

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In a concerted effort to enhance the well-being of communities and promote self-sustainability, a one-day training program was meticulously organized by the Ripples of Change Foundation (ROCF), facilitated by MASHREQ Global Services. This initiative aimed to equip selected Self-Help Group (SHG) members, primarily health workers, from Beeravara and Kallipalya Village of Magadi Taluk in Ramangara District, and Channadevi Agrahara Village of Doddballapura Taluk in Bengaluru Rural District.

Objective of the Training Program:
The primary goal of the training program was to raise awareness about herbal medicines and guide participants in the preparation of Neeragundi Tailam, a herbal pain relief oil. The initiative sought to empower participants to create the oil independently, transforming the activity into both a source of income generation and a valuable local service.

The training program, held on Monday, October 20, 2023, at the Arasinakunte Training Hall, featured a distinguished lineup of guests, contributing to a rich and informative session. Among the honored guests were Mrs. Radha, a Health Guide from Balehally in Chanarayapatna Taluk, Mrs. Geethrani from the Bhoomi Team, Smt. Kantalakshmi, a dedicated Panchayat Member and Local Self-Help Group (SHG) Member, and Smt. Shusheela N Kamat, the esteemed President of the BHOOMI Sustainable Development Society. The event drew a diverse group of participants, including 2 male attendees, 10 female participants, and 4 members from BHOOMI, reflecting a collaborative effort to foster community engagement and knowledge sharing. The Arasinakunte Training Hall provided an ideal setting for an interactive and informative session, highlighting the importance of such initiatives in promoting health and sustainable development.

The program commenced with a prayer led by Mrs. Anurudha, the resource person. Mrs. Geethrani T.K. from the BHOOMI Team extended a warm welcome to the guests, volunteers, and SHG members.

Training Highlights:
Resource Person Mrs. Radha engaged with the participants, emphasizing the prevalence of knee pain due to nutritional deficiencies and modern lifestyles. Recognizing the need for a sustainable solution, the decision was made to prepare herbal pain relief oil.

Demonstration of Herbal Pain Relief Oil Preparation:
Project Director of BHOOMI, Mr. Ravi, underscored the importance of herbal medicines, drawing from his experiences in the village. The demonstration covered key points:

  • Purpose and benefits of pain oil
  • Significance of Lakke Soppu
  • Role of Sessum Oil
  • Necessary materials for preparation
  • Precautionary measures during preparation
  • Quantity guidelines
  • Bottle-filling precautions

The training program concluded with a renewed sense of empowerment among participants, armed with the knowledge to create a positive impact on their communities through herbal pain relief oil. This initiative serves as a testament to the potential of grassroots efforts in promoting holistic well-being and sustainability.

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