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Training on Herbal Pain Balm Preparation in Rural Karnataka

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In a concerted effort to promote traditional health practices and empower local communities, a one-day training program was organized by Ripples of Change Foundation (ROCF) with the support of MASHREQ Global Services. The program, held on December 18, 2023, Monday, focused on the preparation of herbal pain balm for selected Self-Help Group (SHG) members, particularly health workers, from Beeravara and Kallipalya Village in Magadi Taluk, Ramangara District, and Channadevi Agrahara Village in Doddballapura Taluk, Bengaluru Rural District. The event took place at the Training Hall in Arasinakunte.

Objective of the Training Program:

The primary objectives of the training program were to create awareness about herbal medicines, guide participants on the steps involved in preparing herbal pain balm, and empower them to utilize this knowledge for income generation and local service provision.

Details of the Training Program:

Guests present at the event included Mrs. Sunila and Mr. Shivanna from the Ayush Department, Smt. Kantalakshmi – a Panchayat Member and local SHG member, and Smt. Shusheela N Kamat, President of BHOOMI Sustainable Development Society. The program attracted participation from 11 female and 1 male attendees, with 4 representatives from BHOOMI. The training employed a variety of methodologies, including lecturing, demonstration, and interaction. Materials such as charts, honey wax, peppermint, copra oil, pepper, camphor, filter paper, water, pens, papers, measuring jars, beakers, note pads, and training literature were utilized during the sessions.

Training Highlights:

The training commenced with a prayer led by Mrs. Anuradha, the resource person. Mrs. Geethrani T.K. from the BHOOMI team extended a warm welcome to the guests, volunteers, and SHG members.

Mrs. Sunila, the resource person, began the program by shedding light on the current health hazards prevalent in and around the city. She emphasized the pivotal role of herbal remedies in addressing diseases and expressed concerns about the negative impact of allopathic medicines on economic and nutritional well-being. Recognizing the need to disseminate traditional health practices, Mrs. Sunila highlighted the importance of empowering the poorest of the poor with knowledge about local medicines.

A demonstration on the preparation of herbal pain balm followed, with Mr. Ravi, the Project Director of BHOOMI, underscoring the significance of herbal medicines in providing long-term, cost-effective solutions. The demonstration covered key aspects, including the utility of pain balm, necessary materials, precautionary measures during preparation, and the quantity of materials required. The session concluded by emphasizing the importance of responsible filling of materials into bottles.


The training program not only equipped participants with valuable knowledge on herbal pain balm preparation but also aimed to foster a sense of self-reliance and sustainability within the community. By promoting traditional health practices, the initiative contributes to the conservation of natural medicinal plants and the optimal utilization of local resources, ensuring a healthier and more resilient future for these rural communities.

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