Project Vishwas - Experience Sharing Workshop

Project Vishwas – Experience Sharing Workshop

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In the heart of Bangalore, beneath the lush canopy of The Green Path- Hasiru Thota, an event unfolded that would echo the tales of transformative change. It was the Experience Sharing Workshop of Project Vishwas – Phase 1, a gathering that drew in participants from various realms, creating a tapestry of collaboration and shared purpose.

As the clock struck 10:30 am on the 12th of September 2023, stakeholders from Bhoomi Sustainable Development Society (BSDS), Mashreq Global Services Private Limited (Mashreq), and Ripples of Change Foundation (ROCF) converged at the verdant venue. Among them were not only these organizations but also the true beneficiaries of Project Vishwas – women farmers and Self-Help Group (SHG) members hailing from the fertile lands of Magadi and Dodballapura Taluk.

Experience Sharing Workshop of Project Vishwas – Phase 1 unfolded with Mrs. Geetha, of Bhoomi Sustainable Development Society (BSDS), providing an insightful introduction to BSDS and Project Vishwas. Setting the tone for the day, Mrs. Geetha outlined the agenda, inviting all stakeholders—funding teams, coordination agencies, beneficiaries, and society members—to delve into the on-field implementation of Project Vishwas. The session kicked off with a heartfelt prayer led by Mrs. Beeramma, an agriculturist with disabilities, a living testament to the resilience fostered by the initiative.

Mrs. Anuradha, Advisor to BSDS and an entrepreneur, extended a warm welcome to the Mashreq team, ROCF team, BSDS members, and the community representatives from Magadi and Dodballapura Taluk. Their collective presence spoke volumes about the enduring spirit of collaboration.


The inauguration saw dignitaries fertilizing a plant with compost generated from the very project they celebrated. Ms. Mahua and Mr. Venkatesh from Mashreq expressed joy in meeting project stakeholders, acknowledging the profound impact on countless lives. Mr. Sharat, Director of ROCF, commended the commendable efforts of each woman farmer, recognizing their skills as the backbone of the project.

Introduction to Bhoomi

Mr. Srikanta, the first presenter, succinctly outlined the vision and mission of Bhoomi Sustainable Development Society (BSDS). Emphasizing community participation as the linchpin for uplifting rural communities, he introduced the dedicated team at Bhoomi, highlighted ongoing projects, and shared inspiring success stories.

Experiences from Project Vishwas

Mr. Ravi, representing BSDS, delved into the accomplishments of Phase 1 of Project Vishwas. Successfully meeting targets, including 40 vermicompost pits, 25 kitchen gardens, and 18 training sessions, he elaborated on the meticulous implementation. Stakeholder meetings, beneficiary identification, and training programs on diverse topics like soil fertility, medicinal plant use, women’s health, and nutrition were detailed.The introduction of the innovative ‘Soorya Mandal’ gardening design garnered critical acclaim, with participants expressing eagerness to adopt it in their homes. Mrs. Susheela, an SHG member and woman farmer, shared her success story of compost production leading to thriving vegetable farms, inspiring visits from farmers in neighboring villages.

Mrs. Manjula highlighted the self-sufficiency achieved through her kitchen garden, eliminating market dependence and allowing surplus produce supply to other families. Mrs. Mamta showcased how previously unused spaces now burst with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Despite initial reluctance, Mrs. Pankajamma noted that villagers and farmers now find satisfaction in Project Vishwas, witnessing tangible results from the introduced interventions.

Presentation on Farmer Producer Organisations

Mrs. Shwetha introduced two NABARD awarded projects undertaken by Bhoomi, addressing marketing challenges as a primary concern. She emphasized the efficient functioning of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), setting an example for others who often seek insights from their operations.

Concluding the presentation, Mr. Narasimha Murthy shared his success in fish rearing using project watershed and improving organic farming practices, exemplifying the positive impact of sustainable initiatives on individual farmers.

As the clock approached 2:00 pm, the echoes of shared experiences lingered in the air, leaving The Green Path- Hasiru Thota adorned with the promise of a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. The Experience Sharing Workshop of Project Vishwas – Phase 1 had not only disseminated information but had sown the seeds of inspiration, ready to flourish and bear fruit in the fields of Magadi and Doddaballapur Taluk.

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Nagesh Karuturi

Founder Director

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