Employability and Life-Skills Training: CAP YEI Kenya

Heartfulness and CAP YEI, Kenya teams integrated Heartfulness content into their best model. The content was developed keeping in mind the local context, target population, real-life examples, understandable, etc. The training was imparted in 14 centres across Kenya covering 6823 trainers in 86 batches.

Learning with Vodafone (LWV) Project

This is being implemented in collaboration with Pratham Education Foundation in Assefa run schools in Tamil Nadu. These schools are funded by Samunnati, a specialized Agri Value Chain enabler that provides innovative and customised financial and non-financial solutions. LWV is a digital initiative funded by Vodafone India Foundation and Indus Towers Ltd. The program is an innovative teacher-centric technological intervention implemented in 9 schools and 34 teachers. The aim of the program is to enhance the learning levels of students in schools with the use of technology and group learning pedagogies in classrooms. Learning with Vodafone is looking to collaborate with like-minded institutions and provide the following:

  • Structured digital content for classes 6-8 for mathematics and science through a desktop/mobile application
  • One-time training to select teachers on the usage of the application and participative teaching pedagogies
  • Co-develop a teacher development plan and implement it through an integrated online platform
  • Regular on-call support to teachers by teacher-coaches at least twice in a month to guide and assist them on and usage of the digital content and following the teacher development plan.

Heartfulness and Life Skills

Heartfulness sessions were conducted as part of the life skill training programme conducted for rural youths by Head Held High organisation. These sessions have been incorporated as part of their life skill training module in some of their centres and the youths have adopted the practice in their daily routine.