Create a Positive Ripple in the COVID-19 Battle

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is larger and spreading more rapidly than the first. ROCF’s continuing response to the COVID-19 is more essential than ever. ROCF is addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the most vulnerable communities across the cross-section of society, along with Government nodal agencies and partner organizations, through the initiatives outlined below.

ROCF has done extensive work for COVID Relief since April 2020. Click here to view a detailed note on the work done by ROCF till March 2021.

A Call to Compassion in Action, Community & Courage

Be the drop and create the ripple


Enabling 100% COVID-19 Vaccination Drive across the country

Despite the best efforts of the Government, the vaccination drive still remains a challenge. In a bid to tackle the emerging issue of misinformation and hesitancy surrounding vaccination, ROCF aims to disseminate factual information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine; create awareness to dispel myths and misconceptions associated with the vaccine and thereby encourage unvaccinated individuals to get vaccinated. By protecting yourself, you protect others.

The campaign is planned to be piloted in 14 states of India by reaching out to our contacts with the Government Departments of Health and Women & Child Development established during Phase 1 of the Breathe Safe-N 95 Masks Distribution campaign. This will include enlisting of relevant partner organizations/institutions to drive this field-level campaign and also engage PR/media channels of their organizations/forums.

Proposed Campaign Coverage

Expected Outcomes: Reduced risk of infection and transmission, declaration of locations as “Safe Zones”, community immunisation for community protection, reduced burden and efficient use of healthcare resources, improved health, restored livelihoods and overall national economic prospects.


Psycho-Social Counselling & Information Guidance /Support

The pandemic has instilled trepidation and uneasiness in the minds of the community due to the high and rapid transmission. While preventive and medical action remains most important, psychological and emotional crisis interventions for people affected by COVID-19 have also become exigent.

The ‘Voice that Cares‘ helpline of Heartfulness is being scaled up by ROCF for a pan-India coverage. This helpline will provide psycho-social counselling & information support to people in distress for their mental and overall well-being. The helpline will be run by a combination of hired executives and trained volunteers, based on guidelines of NDMA/State nodal authorities.

This Pan-India campaign will be run for a duration of 1 year covering all 28 states and 8 union territories of India. Other interested partner institutions and volunteers would also be invited to participate in this activity.

Proposed Campaign Coverage

Expected Outcomes: Psycho-social support to the communities, enhanced self-esteem and reduced stigma, improved ability to manage one’s well-being and mental health, enhanced coping skills without sacrificing safety and care, information support for quicker access to COVID related services.


Providing oxygen concentrators for hospitals, Public Health Centers & Home Isolations

to enhance their capacities for responding to critical medical emergencies

As the second wave of the COVID pandemic is ripping through the country, hospitals are overwhelmed and running out of oxygen. Scaling up of oxygen production capacity cannot be done overnight. Hence, Oxygen concentrators are the next best alternative to mitigate the situation created due to short supply.

With the aim of saving a maximum number of lives, ROCF has plans to procure 500 Units of Oxygen Concentrators and provide them to hospitals and public institutions to augment their capacity to help vulnerable patients across 20 states in India. In this regard, we are working with a network of partner institutions to mobilise much-needed support.

Proposed Campaign Coverage

Expected Outcomes: Improved survival rates, reduced strain on healthcare systems and reduced overhead and recurring cost on Public Health Care Systems.


Setting up temporary COVID care facilities

The resurgence of coronavirus cases has caught India’s creaking healthcare system flat-footed again, with reports of shortages in critical-care beds, medical supplies and hospitals turning away critically ill patients pouring in from across the country. Therefore, it is critical to set up alternative care units to treat mild and moderate COVID-19 infected Patients.

Heartfulness has graciously come forward to offer select facilities to set up such COVID Care centres. ROCF is looking for partners and donors who will help support this initiative to enable these to be offered to patients in partnership with the local government authorities. These facilities will be set up as per the laid norms by local health authorities at various locations with facilities that enable recovery from the infection with minimal medical fraternity support.

The campaign will be initially piloted in 2 cities with setting up of a makeshift facility in each location, and gradually can be scaled further up to 10 centres. Support from State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) and local State/District Coordination Committees is also being solicited.

Proposed Campaign Coverage

Expected Outcomes: Building infrastructure capacity, increased beds for COVID Patients, reduced emotional distress for families and reduced burden on the existing health care system.

Make a difference!

We are all in this together – all of us facing the same threat – and it’s down to all of us to influence what happens next. At this pivotal moment we urge you to join in offering vital financial support to the cause, which is the only way to bring this pandemic to an end.

While this is a tough time for all of us, it is important to exhibit the act of kindness to make sure we can all pull through the ordeal together. Your compassion in action and humble contribution will go a long way in serving humanity in present moments of crisis. Let us universally stand together for the well-being of our mankind as a whole during this challenging time.


Collaborative Partners

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We are looking at raising a fund of approximately 15.17 Crores (INR)/2.05 Million USD for supporting all COVID-19 Wave 2 relief work campaigns. Your generous contribution will go a long way in serving humanity in the present moments of crisis. The time to Act is Now!


** Budget estimates above are based on discussions with our partners, government nodal agencies and collaborators. These will need to be adjusted based on the dynamic situation on ground.